Pain-killer solutions for data migration headaches

Our Story

We started small. In the beginning, there were only three of us: a software developer, a product manager, and a marketer. What connected us together was the fact that everyone had experience in the data migration industry. And this is also where lightning stroke. We saw that moving data between software is a challenge that costs companies thousands of dollars. Taking our experience and knowledge, we knew it didn’t have to be that way.

So, we decided to start our own journey and build a solution that would save time, money, and effort that organizations put to migrate their data.

This tool took the “painful” and “time consuming” factors out of the data migration.

Chantelle Viani

Associate Publisher at
Cosmos Magazine

People Who Made Relokia Happen


Dima Lazarchuk

Co-founder, Chief Executive Officer


Yuriy Kril

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Max Orlovsky

Co-founder, Chief Executive Officer

In Memory (12.12.1982 - 28.10.2021)

Our Work

Over the past couple of years, we successfully launched a help desk migration project. It not only gained popularity among users but has proven to be an invaluable scalability tool that removed the many chains posed by the help desk vendors. We also managed to start a couple of new projects that would let us move data between learning management, project management, human resource management, and others.

The team

People behind the Help Desk Migration service

Our team

Why Should You Choose Us

We understand that we aren’t alone in this industry but what separates us from the competition is:

Years of hands-on experience

This isn’t our first year on the market. We have a number of successful projects under our belt and continue to expand to cover even more industries.

Best practices and expertise

Having migrated data for hundreds of companies, we’ve learned the ins and outs of different business tools and their API. We know the common pitfalls and challenges as well as how to overcome them.

Customer-first approach

Not only we want you to walk away happy with the result, but we also want you to enjoy the process. Timely updates and clear communication are essential to us.

Continuous improvement

We never stay in one place. Our engineers constantly update the scripts as vendors roll out updates so that you can have a piece of mind knowing that your migration will be fast and reliable.

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